#TenbyBookFair 2016 – a fabulous event in pictures

It was a great day 🙂


14379796_10153662090162132_8006304968149326236_o As you can see the book fair was busy – these pictures were taken during the award ceremony for the various competitions

carol-at-tenby The lovely Carol Lovekin

14484582_1241042522592751_5122599461191031202_n Juliet Greenwood showing off her beautiful books

dsc_0098 Beautiful Tenby

14457328_10153671020862132_183943999454401703_n My table on the stage


14433190_10153671021127132_2422069137033493970_n Mark Barry visiting from Nottingham

14502951_10153671021267132_3046537045213087315_n Winners of the short story competition

14494657_10153671021427132_6941412402950686994_n Thorne Moore presenting an award

14517668_10153671021787132_2230450610880548112_n View from the stage



14495450_10210590080733399_1909147425968111201_n Book Fair organiser Judith Barrow and Mark Barry

14463108_10210590311339164_5285821197290935520_n Visitor Karenne Griffin at the Tenby train station

14492369_10210590447902578_7982999835661764533_n-1 Karenne and Mark Barry showing off my books

14463183_10210590449182610_3000076614948127660_n Mark Barry and me holding PUNK ROCKER, Brenda Perlin’s book to whcih we both contributed

14479617_10210590449982630_6211282651405386867_n The entrance sign to the Book Fair, presented by Karenne Griffin

14449818_10210590035252262_8255655491257185578_n The amazin Wendy Steele and Mark Barry

14495450_10210590080733399_1909147425968111201_n Mark and festival organiser Judith Barrow

14457250_10210590075733274_6154445263677295855_n Book Fair organiser Thorne Moore

14485023_10210590098573845_7551584983583015411_n Graham Watkins

14457281_10210590089853627_9165553269474280739_n Wendy White


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