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2015 Christoph Fischer Best Non Fiction Award

Ooh Matron! is one of the award winners – check out the lineup!

Thank you, Christoph Fischer, for your continuous support for Indie authors.

Source: 2015 Christoph Fischer Best Non Fiction Award


2015 Christoph Fischer Best Non Fiction Award

Thank you for the award for Ooh Matron! This means a great deal 🙂


922159_10151345337037132_1303709604_o (1)It’s been a busy year for Indie writers with many challenges and setbacks, not least due to Amazon deleting reviews and decreasing our visibility. So I decided to give out some Awards for the Best I have read this year. It was tough and I’m aware of a lot of fantastic books that didn’t make it to the final shortlist.

I’ll start with the Best of Non-Fiction for 2015. Four excellence Awards and one winner for outstanding Non-Fiction:

26631952Have Bags Will Travel by DG Kaye is an outstanding and hilarious DG Kaye awardtravel memoir. You can’t help loving this author with her honest and witty approach to anything she writes about. This is a great read.

PaulyanaPaulyanna: International Rent BPaulyannaoy is another memoir, very honest and insightful. Paul Douglas Lovell is simply a natural story teller. There is no other way to explain the flow and beauty of his language. He aims…

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The Kensington Book Fair Experience

Congratulations Christoph, well deserved 🙂


12360399_10153067444957132_5703419004838921262_n  P1130653
Saturday was my first appearance at a Book Fair: The Kensington Christmas Book Fair, an annual renowned event with exhibitors from all over the UK. Calligraphers, cover designers and book sellers of all varieties populated the Kensington Town Hall.

It was a fantastic experience, not least thanks to my wonderful and talented fellow authors Skadi Winter, Elisabeth Marrion and DJ Kelly.

We had a very favourable stand near the Cafeteria and within minutes of setting up DJ Kelly and Skadi had their first sales already.

12341505_10153067285647132_3550158579348552155_nThe Fair featured a large variety of exhibitors. We were one of ten guests allowed to participate, so my thanks goes to Elisabeth Marrion who managed to secure us this extremely lucky spot.

It was a tough job for me having to talk for all those hours. I need to step up my game to chat about my books more freely, as was no…

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