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First Anniversary Giveaway

Congratulations Margaret on a productive and memorable year!


lucinda E Clarke

When I published my first book in 2013 I had no idea what was involved. Of course we uploaded all the files, and made a cover and I wrote up my bio on my Amazon author page and then sat and waited and waited and waited and, nothing happened. Well that’s not quite true, I told a few friends I had self-published a book (pitying looks as it obviously wasn’t good enough to be accepted by a publisher) and in 12 months I sold 22 copies, plus the few paperbacks I’d bought to sell and stack on my shelf so I could pretend I was a novelist.

But I was keen to get the word out about personality disorders, so I contacted an author who had thoughtfully put his links in the back of his book.

Enter the world of Facebook, blogs, web pages, Goodreads et al. Previously I had…

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5 Minutes with Tom Winton

So you thought you knew all about Tom Winton, think again and read this!


TomThis is a chance to learn a bit more about Tom Winton, author of Forever Three and six other books.




About the Author

I started writing in my mid-thirties when I was asked to put together a few fishing articles for a newspaper. I still remember getting a phone call from a reader when the first one was published. It was from an older man I hadn’t seen in quite some time, and he said that he just had to let me know how much he enjoyed the piece and that I truly had a knack for writing. After those articles I didn’t write another thing for ten years.

What I love most about writing is the feeling I get after a good day’s output of words. When things go right, I always walk away with what I call “a writer’s high.” I feel…

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Personal update – Wales, the move and my excuse for not blogging

An update from Christoph Fischer as he starts a new chapter!!


images (6)At long last I have moved to wonderful Wales last week. It’s been an emotional day for many reasons. On the way to our now home we popped in at the hospital to see my mother in law, ‘Miss Daisy’ as I affectionately call her. Sadly, she passed away that very evening and while the furniture was being delivered the next day one of us had to pick up ‘Mr Daisy’ to come and stay with us. Grief is an odd emotion and we all seem to be dealing with it in very different ways, which is making this sad time often challenging.

On a more positive note: These are the views from our amazing new house on the border of the Brecon Beacons National Park. The moving boxes are mostly unpacked but there is a lot of official business and red tape to go through still, furniture to be…

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