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Going to Press!

Sara Alexi

Printing_press_(Albion)I’m delighted to announce that a deal has just been agreed with a leading distributor of foreign press in Athens, to get the books into over 400 bookshops and press points this summer! So now when you wander from the beach for an ice-cream you will be able to pick up a copy of The Illegal Gardener or Black Butterflies and return to dabble you toes in the warm sea as you eat your confection and become lost in The Greek Village.

The manuscript for The Illegal Gardener has gone to the printers today… It feels appropriate that it will be Greeks printing the copies in Greece, contributing to employment and the economy.

The distributor, Milkro Hellas, handles a large percentage of foreign publications that are sold in Greece, including many leading newspapers, and high profile authors such as Victoria Hislop.

We are currently in discussion with them to get the…

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New Release: “Candy Man” and Interview with author John Holt


FrontCover[1]Today I’m pleased to announce the new release of “The Candy Man” by John Holt, an author whom I admire.

Here is the blurb:

The name’s Daniels, Jack Daniels – just like the whiskey you know. I’m a Private Detective. And I can’t help butting my nose into other people’s business. It’s what I do. You get used to it. It becomes a way of life almost. After a while it comes natural to you, automatic, like breathing, or eating, although not quite as enjoyable. It’s a habit that I just can’t break. I just can’t help it.

But sometimes it can lead you into trouble …..

Find the book on Amazon US and Amazon UK 

Here is an interview with John: John 2-A[2]

Tell us about your writing history.

I live in Essex with my wife, daughter, and our cat who adopted us. I qualified as a Chartered Surveyor in 1966…

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